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28 Jul

When we were baby gays in London (1994), we adored a band called  Minty. It was fronted by the amazing Leigh Bowery along with Richard Torry, Nicola Bateman and Matthew Glammore, (sometimes joined by a 14 year old Patrick Wolf) They we’re described as “sickest band in the world” according to The Sun, which of course made us love them more.

Boot lickin, piss drinkin, fingerfriggin, tit tweakin, love bitin, arse lickin, shit stabbin, mother fuckin, spunk lovin, ball bustin, cock suckin, fist fuckin, lipsmackin, thirst quenchin, cool livin, ever givin USELESS MAN


Steamroom Willie

28 Jul

PAG – The Queen is Dead

27 Jul

A dark and queer video created for an Israeli club ‘Pag’ directed by Roy Raz with the song ‘In This Shirt’ as a soundtrack performed by The Irrepressibles

We like this one too

Vincent River

27 Jul

Vincent River is opening in Belfast next Monday 2nd and coming to Dublin’s Project Arts Centre, 9-21st August. Don’t miss it – “Philip Ridley’s dark and blisteringly honest exploration of a homophobic murder is a riveting ninety minutes of theatre:”

Incidentally, Vincent River was written by Philip Ridley who wrote the screenplay for The Krays. A powerful and violent film about the notorious East End twins, Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

“Nick Griffin is a gutless coward”

27 Jul

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell is a fearless man. The far right BNP leader Nick Griffin was ambushed at his press conference and photo call at Millbank Studios in London this afternoon by human rights campaigner.

Next issue in progress

26 Jul

We currently beavering away at issue four of Butcher Queers. The theme is ‘The People Issue’ and we’ve got some great writers, artists and photographers lined up to subvert and impress you. The planned date of the next issue is September, we’re gonna have a exciting new fund raising night coming soon.

Butcher Queers New Blog

26 Jul

We previously had a (rarely) updated blog at blogspot. Now with issue four in the work we decided to get a proper domain and blog. We promise to update it regularly.