Issue #4 -November 2010 – The People issue (right click ‘Butcher Queers No.4’ to download)

Butcher Queers No.4 <-Download PDF

This edition of Butcher Queers is called ‘The People Issue’. We would like to dedicate it to a new wave of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and queer people who are
pushing the boundaries of sexual and gender identity, photography, illustration and brave new writing.






Issue #3 – December 2009 – The Difficult Third issue

Butcher Queers No.3 <-Download PDF

Our third installment of Butcher Queers is long, long overdue. We thought the whole zine was lost due to a computer malfunction late last year, but we managed to save the lost data. So much has changed since the last issue. We have witnessed an economic meltdown, spiraling unemployment and a growing sense of public unease. However, threats also present opportunities – people become resourceful, more creative and imaginations flourish. And who better to lead the way than the talented homosexual? You could even argue that us queers are at the beginning of our own Renaissance, a new shift in political interest, rejection of stereotypes and dissatisfaction with a limited commercial gay scene that needs shaking up.

Issue #2 – August 2008 – Fag Fighter to Fanny Bandits

Butcher Queers No.2 <-Download PDF

A huge thank you to everyone who turned up at ‘The Meat Factory’, held in Filmbase on August 7. The issue you are now holding is paid entirely from the sale of art bought by silent auction that night. This ensures that Butcher Queers remains advert free and can devote each page to celebrating the photography, visual art, writing and the lives of LGBTQ people living in Ireland. A very special thanks to these artists who kindly donated their time and work free of charge: Panti, Ronan Healy, Rachel Daris, Wolf Boy, Adrian + Shane, Tag, Canvaz, Daniel Holfeld and Chris Sutton, Katherine Lynch, Pa Byrne, Maser, Paul O’Connor, Will St Leger, Brian Finnegan, Adam Crane, Garvin Gallagher, Logan McLain and Mark Black.Our gratitude to Tag and Seán for helping us hang the work. Colin for driving us everywhere, collecting stuff and Filmbase for giving us the space. Thanks also to Panti, Gaire, GCN, for getting the word out.

Issue #1 – April 2008 – Fresh Meat

Butcher Queers No.1 <-Download PDF

The term ‘Butcher Queers’ was conceived by design guru Niall Sweeney as a sticker for the club night H.A.M in the late nineties. H.A.M-sters Niall, Rory and Karim would go about stickering the city with these on weekends. One evening while they were decorating the streets of Dublin, an American lady challenged them about their activities, not the stickering but how they could justify the ‘butchering of gay people’. They kindly explained that Butcher Queers was a play on words, meaning of course, ‘stronger queers’ and all was good.

Last September after the opening night of The Dublin Gay Film Festival, I got chatting with GCN editor, Brian Finnegan over free cocktails. Many drinks and two hours later we drunkenly agreed that Dublin needed a different kind of gay publication that was edgy, alternative and artistic. To his credit Brian made good with his support and Butcher Queers has come kicking a screaming into this world.

2 Responses to “Issues”

  1. chris von steiner July 28, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    thanks for this, will!!!

  2. Tobey February 17, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    ++ Hey Butcher Queers ++
    I must say that I love this fanzine – one of my personal favorites! And I have a group of fans with me in Sweden!
    I have a question regarding the number of fanzines in print, as I now it’s limited?
    It would be fantastic and an asset to the swedish queer/gay movment to have Butcher Queers magazine avalible in Sweden too!!


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