Callin’ all Cailíns

6 Nov

With out contest Alternative Miss Ireland is THE highlight of every queer’s year. Dark, witty, playful, offensive and intensely fabulous – AMI has been the beginning (and the end) of some of Ireland’s great queer performers. Alternative Miss Ireland, celebrates her 17th pageant on Sunday 13 March 2011. Open to men, women and others, this pageant puts contestants (the Aspiring Queen Cailíns) through traditional rounds of Daywear, Swimwear and Evening wear – though right there is where tradition ends and the insanity begins. The cohort of Cailíns battle it out on stage for the much coveted AMI Crown that currently resides on the head of the reigning Queen of Ireland, Miss Peaches Queen.

Budding contestants have until 15th January 2011 to enter.


Queer Notions

4 Nov

What do you get the gay that’s got everything? Well, here’s something for the Christmas stocking that will last longer than an erection on an Aer Lingus flight.  Queer Notions – New Plays and Performances from Ireland. Edited by Fintan Walsh, published by Cork University Press.

That’s all

2 Nov

Conway Hall Statement Flyer (via )

2 Nov

Check out this awesome artwork for Crass

Conway Hall Statement Flyer


A taste of FELCH

1 Nov

 Short clip of queer punk band ‘FELCH‘ playing their debut gig 28th Oct 2010.

Stereotype Writer

29 Oct

This is one of the stupidest, ignorant and offensive articles I’ve ever read. Michelle Doyle, Editor of UT Culture magazine has stooped to new lows with her shallow guide to getting your own “GBF” (Gay Best Friend). I’d be surprised if she has any friends left by the end of the month, gay or straight.  This article may offend, but I don’t  approve of any personal attacks on Michelle. Play the ball, not the player.

Meat Extract

28 Oct

We’re giving out a Mini poster zine called ‘Meat Extract’ with previews of Butcher Queers issue 4 tonight at Halcyon Nights